Easy Mobile Programming

Easy-to-use programming language for developing independent Symbian OS applications

Welcome to the EMP languages home page!

EMP is an easy-to-use programming language for developing independent Symbian OS applications.

The EMP language is the subject of my Master's Project and Thesis in University of Kuopio. Currently the prototype (my Master's Project) is ready and published.

My primary objective with the EMP language was to provide an easier alternative for the Symbian OS C++ (currently the only language for developing independent Symbian OS applications).

Aleksi Rantonen

The first version of the EMP compiler is released.

This version is based on the prototype of the EMP language, so many features are missing. Currently there are no reference manual but I have written a short introduction to the EMP language.

EMPc v. 5.0.1:

EMPc v. 5.0.1 has been released. It fixes few bugs has and introduces two new examples: snakes game and animation example

EMPc v. 5.0.2:

EMPc v. 5.0.2 fixes a critical bug with arrays when compiling for the emulator.

Tutorial: S60 2nd Edition FP3 and Carbide IDE

I made a tutorial on how to set up EMP in the Carbide IDE and use S60 2nd Ed. FP3 SDK. You can get it from here.

It would be decisive for my research to have feedback as much as possible. Please give your feedback at the forums.

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